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Professional (Individual) Membership*: Open to anyone engaged in the work of counseling or related fields who is interested in the addiction-focused profession. (It is not a requirement that Professional Members be credentialed in Addictions.)

Agency Membership: Open to those agencies, organizations, institutions, and associations wishing to support the purpose, objectives and actions of MACA. Agency members receive the reduced conference rate for their employees. Agency members can designate one representative who may vote and serve on committees, but is not eligible to hold office.
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I believe that the prime objectives of the counselor's profession are to render service to humanity and to contribute my knowledge, skills and support to programs of human welfare.

I believe that my primary responsibility is to my client. In all my dealings, I will endeavor to protect the client's welfare and will diligently seek to assist the client toward his or her goals.

As a member of the Missouri Addiction Counselors Association, I will commit myself to conduct my professional work in accordance with the following Code of Ethics:

The counselor shall give precedence to professional responsibility over personal interest.

The counselor shall not discriminate because of race, color, religion, age, sex or national ancestry, and will work to prevent and eliminate such discrimination in rendering service in work assignments and in employment practices.

The counselor shall respect the basic human rights of all clients and shall refrain from unethical practices in treating clients.

The counselor shall use any information gained in professional relationships in a responsible manner.

A counselor shall not take charge of or prescribe for another counselor's client during treatment (except in an emergency) until the case has been formally dismissed or consultation requested.

The counselor shall respect the findings, views and actions of colleagues and shall use appropriate channels to express judgment in these matters.

The counselor will show personal regard toward the law of the land with the full knowledge that illegal actions could jeopardize his or her professional standards.

The counselor shall abstain from the usage of drugs and/or alcohol while on the job; total abstinence shall be the norm for professionals who are recovering chemical dependents.

The counselor recognizes the fact that professional practice requires professional education.

The counselor shall clearly distinguish, in public, between statements and actions as an individual and as a representative of this organization.

The counselor accepts responsibility for working toward creation and maintenance of conditions within agencies and institutions that enable other counselors to conduct themselves in accordance with this code.
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Inexpensive continuing educational opportunities

Annual Spring and Fall Conferences Centrally located in Osage Beach, MO.

Informative MACA Newsletter

Networking opportunities with other Missouri Addictions Professionals and Agencies

The chance to promote and enhance the role of the Professional Addictions Counselor

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Agency Members receive free advertising on MACA Web Site / employment link:

Agency Members will receive free vendor booth at MACA conferences.

Join today and you'll be on your way to gaining the professional edge, earning greater recognition, and keeping up-to-date with the newest field information.
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